Towson Family Weekend

     Towson Family Weekend will be held at Towson University Oct. 14-16 and will feature family-oriented events for people of all ages.

     Family weekend is an event held annually at Towson University. The main goal of this event is to make the families of students at the university familiar with the campus community, through a weekend of entertainment and activities.

     Throughout the weekend, families will be able to attend events such as Friday Night Live and Towson’s version of “The Amazing Race.” Families will also be able to attend sporting events such as the men’s soccer game in which the Towson Tigers will take on the Old Dominion Monarchs. Families in attendace will also have a chace to get a look at Towson’s basketball teams before the season starts as they will be participating in the “Restore the Roar” program.

     “My family said they’re coming to se me that weekend, and they really liked it last year so I think we’ll definetly check it out again this year,” said Towson student Zane Smith.

     This event has much to offer with activities ranging from a planetarium show to a financial workshop for students and their parents. The festivities begin on Friday and continue through Sunday, most events are free unless listed with a ticket price.  

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